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tv   News  ABC  July 3, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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storms by tonight. 9 # degrees is the -- 94 degrees is the 2 degree guarantee a pretty warm day. 75 is all we go down to for tonight amount few cloud and isolated storm. i want to show out7-day forecast quickly because -- you the 7-day forecast quickly because look at the heat. 95 on thursday and 97 that's crazy heat. we will talk about the forecast coming up in just a little bit. let's check your timesaver traffic this morning and we  have an issue now this morning as the truck knocking out the right lane approaching the harbor tunnel. 895 northbound be aware of this. this will tie up the toll plaza over the next several hours use an alternative. harbor tunnel if you can this morning. look at 695 at bel air roads. smooth sailing and another gorgeous shot with the sunshine coming up. we will talk more about the traffic and weather together less than 10. megan. >> all right. thanks. it's 5:30. governor o'malley says 800 more crews have arrived in our
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state. this happened overnight. bringing the total to the level after hurricane irene last year. so for a lot of people, though, they say that's not good enough. like angela who lost power on friday along with her neighborhood in randallstown and can't remember how many times she says she called bge and they have told her that her power might not be restored until the end of the week. >> basically the response is they must all have the same scripted spiel. we are going to get to you when we get to you. >> the governor says the unexpected nature of the storm and the power are to blame and will not be satisfied with bge's response until power in every single home is restored. friday emassive storm brought down trees and power lines across the area and left hundreds of thousands of people without power. it has been tough for those with no power and soaring temperatures. three people in our state died from heat related deaths. abc2 news sherrie johnson has the story and joins us with more. >> reporter: well, we have
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learned three people in maryland have died from the hot temperatures. state health department says a man in montgomery and wicomico county and baltimore county have died. it's the first three heat related deaths in the state. 34 people died last year in maryland. high temperatures are expected to continue through the week. local health departments warn people to be careful because hot weather and humidity can cause heat stroke and heat exhaustion. if you are without power right now, you can take advantage of the cooling centers in baltimore city and surrounding counties. these centers will be opened from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. a each will have cool air and free water and we are still under a code red heat alert through today. and health official recommend you remember to dry water and juice and avoid alcohol and caffeine and wear light clothing during the extreme heat. remember to check on those senior citizens. and you can log onto the
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website at abc to us -- and we have a list of the cooling centers and we have the addresss also if you need to telephone number as well. so we have a complete list over here and let's see if it goes down there. well, maybe not. we have a complete list here located on the home page. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks. 5:33. funeral services are happening today for a fallen marine from laurel. lance corporal eugene mills died last week while in afghanistan. he was 21 years old. services are being held this morning at 11 at grace church in fulton. he will be buried at arlington national cemetery at a laterdate. historic world war ii ship is now under water. the uss mohawk sank off the coast of florida and it's the first ship dedicated to all vet
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apartments. on -- veterans. on board is a treasure map. there's also a case of aged caribbean rum and the first divers to find them get to actually keep them. korean soldier gets a home from her community in ohio. she has been serving her country for the last decade and spent several years overseas she was in afghanistan as a contractor. in the outpouring of community support brought her to tears. >> i just immediately started to cry. i am just overwhelmed. it's very special. very special. >> just not knowing, not knowing where she was what she was doing. i didn't like it. >> she says for the first time in her life she has no plans and says she is actually okay with that. 5:34 right now. drug maker glaxo smith klein made the history books but not for a good reason. it agreed to pay big bucks to
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settle criminal and civil claims over some of it medications. we will explain why. also ahead, a customer in england loses his cool in a cell phone store and it was caught on camera. what he got so upset about coming up. >> like me in the sprint store. here's what's going on this morning. if you need maryland's most powerful doppler radar get us on the app. look to local views by texting 46988 and a lot more good morning maryland coming your way after this.
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now "good morning maryland." 5:38. thanks for joining this tuesday morning. it's the largest health care fraud settlement in the united states history. drug maker glaxo smith klein will pay $3 billion for illegally marketing the drugs. the justice department accused the company of marketing some of its drugs as treatments for conditions they weren't approved for. this includes promoting the drug paxil for treating depression in patients under 18 even though the fda did not approve it for kid. they are accused of
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aggressively promoting a diabetes drug but failing to disclose it might cause heart failure. they bribed doctors to get them to prescribe medications. >> from hawaiian vacations to paying doctors millions of dollars to go on spending tours, to a european fessant hunt to tickets for madonna concerts. >> in a statement the ceo says the company does regret what happened and has learned from their mistakes they have made. caffeine gives you the perk in the morning no doubt about it. and researchers may have found another reason to keep drinking coffee or soda. caffeine lowers a person's chance of developing some forms including skin cancer. doctors say that you shouldn't use it as an excuse to drink too much coffee. they say more research is needed before you go ahead and pour another cup. there are tests that students can take to show
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interest and progress throughout the school year the we will have details begin to high schoolers that now may be available to kindergarten classes. >> and one of the largest trees of its kind in the state of maryland causing one big problem for a family here off fleetwood avenue in northeast baltimore. we will have a live report on how cleanup efforts are going when good morning maryland continues.
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now "good morning maryland." >> a:43. we -- 5:43. we found more evidence how powerful the storms turned out to be. so charley crowson is out live this morning in northeast baltimore to show us some of the damage. what do you have. >> reporter: you know, this is where we are getting into the parts of the story. now we are in a dramatic aftermath of the storms, you are going to have some of the odd tales. we are showing you this coffee mug now. inside the crushed landscaping van this is a very popular scene here at abc2. that coffee mug has not moved since this massive willow oak tree crushed this van and another car four days ago on friday night as the storms moved through. that coffee mug has not moved and another thing we want to show you again, huge tree, 100
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foot canopy in diameter. the largest willow oak tree in baltimore didn't touch or harm these roses at all. these are some of the odd stories you see. so much desks station and damage and people -- devastation and damage and people without power. 170,000 people without power according to bge but the odd little things you will talk about as time goes on. this is going to be what you remember. elainea joins us one more time. you pointed this out to us about five minutes ago. that coffee mug never moved. >> no. it hasn't and it's growing. >> reporter: is there any point in here where you see this and this tree and you are worried about it rotint from the-side. -- from the inside. can you laugh about any of this. >> you have to. you have to or you will go crazy. >> reporter: you were telling me an interesting story about friday night as the storms were beginning to really build up and really kind of show their teeth and show their force. you and your husband were in the process of making a
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decision and you are glad you didn't follow through. what was going on? >> well, we woke up because we heard things falling on the roof like little branches and we were on the way out to get the out of the way we would have been trying drive when the tree came out. >> reporter: you were making a decision. >> woo we going. >> reporter: to move the cars. -- we were going. >> reporter: to move the carswhat did you hear? >> it wasn't that loudch the car crashes were louder than the tree fall but if you noticed, eye didn't fall out of the ground but snapped. it was -- it didn't really fall out of ground but snapped. >> reporter: it took out a portion of the sidewalk. thanks for the time this morning. megan we will go back to you and coming up later on abc2 news and we will talk about the creative ways people are staying cool and where they are going and how in some cases neighbors are helping neighbors. for now back to the studios. charley croweson, abc2 news.
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>> thanks. 5:45. five things to know before heading out. homeland security secretary and agriculture secretary will be on hand tuesday today to travel to colorado springs to see the damage by the wild fires. evacuees are being allowed to come back to their homes and see the damage caused by the massive fire. vice-president joe biden will address the national aeducation association 150th meeting. every year educators from all states come to discuss issues affecting the student and schools. dr. jill biden will address the team. casey anthony's defense attorney will release a book about the trial presumed guilty is the title of the book. and anthony as you know was found not guilty in the death in the disappearance of her daughter. in the tell all book he shares secrets in the defense and how he knew not to disclose information that anyone knew until now. today we will find out how
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much money maryland's largest casino made in the first month. maryland's lottery director will be discussing the state's casino revenue for june. maryland live casino opened in anne arundel county last month. we will let you know what they find. a decade after the first spiderman movie the fourth flick in the series the amazing spiderman open at midnight. the version's stars andrew garfield as the super hero and emma stone as his love interest. consumer news, a new study revealed at midnight says technology appears to be protecting you and your family on the road. according to the insurance institute for highway safety, technology that automatically stops your car to avoid a rear end collision and headlights that shine around the corners are reducing crashes. researchers found forward collision warning systems on acura and mercedes models reduced crashes by 14% and the advance headlights they reduced crashes by up to 10%.
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a new test will soon be given to children beginning in kindergarten. the a.c.t. test is usually take neb high -- taken high school but developers of the taste will -- test will all it in the fall of 2014 tracking stoodents career interest and progress towards goals from kindergarten through 12th grade. schools will not be forced to use the test but developers say schools will likely end up using it. occasionally we snap and lose our cool, but a customer in england took that to a new level inside a cell phone store. look at this. watch closely as the person reported the man who is not a refund and he started to pull down signs and sprayed the fire extinguisher. police showed up and arrested him. employees said he was upset about a contract issue. clearly, he was upset. the video shows it all. a highway is fixed and back open after it buckled because of the heat and caused a crash
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in wisconsin. look at this. a witness captured this on her cell phone video. an s-uv went up the ramp and crossed into another lane on traffic narrowly missing another car. before coming off the rest of the road. now, people inside the suv were taken to the hospital with injuries but we are told they are expected to be okay. >> wow. you see the air that thing got. >> incredible. and that's because of the heat it buckled because it was so warm. >> i doesn't think we will try that around the roads. >> let's hope now. >> har's what's going on -- here's what's going on this morning. we will stop around one in the morning. watch this. you will see the moonset in the distance. eventually. hold on. wait for it. if you look on the right hand of the screen see how it comes. there you go. a cool shot i don't know. here's kent island. it's beautiful and a mixture of sunshine and clouds. at 69 downtown and a calm wind. and humidity values in check. visibility looks good so we are
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okay in the weather department this morning. pair of 7s towards dc and that's the hot spot. salisbury at 69. dew point values in the 60s a bearable number. and when you get to the 70s, 72 and 73 that's what we talk about the air you can wear. the front is down to the south. and going towards the north, a cooler drier airflow. you see the line that, red line is a dotted warm front. stretched from chicago right down towards lexington and that separates us from the hot hazy conditions to the well bearable heat on top us. and that's going to open up the floodgates for impressive numbers. watch the future trend maps going into tomorrow afternoon for the 4th of july. richmond 102, 101 charlotte. st. louis 106. and that's the heat that's -- the heat core that will start to expand towards the east. and we will be talking about highs running into the 90s. today again a drier heat. 94 partly cloudy and very warm. 75 for tonight a few clouds and
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turning rather sticky. here's the 7-day forecast heading into your 4th of july well week. weekend. looking ahead, it gets hotter. 95 for the 4th. and 96 on thursday and 97 on friday. and very hot and hazy conditions and we could see some more excessive heat advisories watches and warnings. blistering heat on top of us as we round out the week. let's check the timesaver traffic this morning. and again, dozens of traffic lights out right now. but it's that disabled truck we talked about earlier. good news. it has been cleared out heading towards harvard tunnel. it looks like all conditions are good for that and also the harbor tunnel and here's a live look outside. beautiful shot of 695 bel air road. all is well on the roads this far this morning. another check on traffic and weather together coming up in a little bit. >> all right. looking forward to it. thanks. sobriety checkpoints and taking keys away is one way to
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prevent drunk driving. what if stopping dui started in the bathroom. the creative way law ep forcement is suggest -- enforcement is suggesting you call a cab. and if you plan to have a few drinks baltimore city is looking to make sure you get home safely. how to get in touch with testimoniesy taxi straight -- tipsy taxi straight ahead.
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now "good morning maryland." >> 5:55. this is the story of the day. a new effort to keep drunk drivers off the roads start in the bathroom. the state of michigan started handing out talkingure nall deoweddizeor cakes. >> what few drinks, maybe if a few too many do yourself andyone else a favor call a associate friend or cab. >> when men step up to thure nall they will be reminded to call a cab or friend. they have been handed out at various bars and restaurants. it's part of the 4th of july education and enforcement. it also includes stepped up patrols across the state.
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no talkingure nall --ure nall here. the tipsy taxi campaign is coming back. they are teaming with up fellow yellow cabs to make sure that you don't drive home drunk. so starting at 10 tomorrow night and runs until 4 thursday morning, a cab will pick you up at a bar and take you home. the ride must cost less than 50 dollars. so, write the number down 877- 963-8294. if you need to be picked up. we are talking about the 4th of july. the fireworks display is tomorrow night. but today they are going to set up the show on the barge. so the company that does this are going to be at inner harbor from 10 until one getting everything ready for that 18- minute long display. the show kicks off at 9:30 tomorrow night and if you can't make it to the inner harbor we have posted a list of fireworks displays happening this week on the website head to when you get this find a 4th of july guide right there on the
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home page. it's as much as a part of the 4th of july and fireworks display. today is the official weigh in for the nation's famous 4th of july international hot dog eating contest. five time world champ hot dog eating champion joey chestnut and the women's hot dog eating chapel sonja the black widow thomas are expected to be welcomed to new york by the mayor michael bloomberg and they both have won last year's competition. so, it should be a good one this year. with gas prices sinking lower and lower, many of us are expected to travel on the 4th of july with a destination by car. so we have tips on how to make the most out of your car trip and keeping everyone happy. also ahead, french runner takes the victory celebration a little too far and his action are caught on camera. we will show you about this unsportsmanlike behavior. also ahead, we will see other
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parts of the country and how they are faring fairing after severe weather hit parts of their state. we will look around the nation when we come back. >> we don't have severe weather today. that's the good news but there could be big storms for tomorrow. here's a live shot ocean city getting ready for a packed house for today. we will detail the full forecast coming up. you are watching "good morning maryland. have breakfast with milk
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and set the stage for a great day. mid grade dark roast forest fresh full tank brain freeze cake donettes rolling hot dogs bag of ice


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